ADP Shared Services

In the summer of 2008, the Board of Regents mandated that a shared services approach to the payroll and benefits administration be implemented for USG institutions.  Automatic Data Processing (ADP) went live on August 1, 2009.  Various payroll and HR functions have been consolidated to increase functionality and service to USG employees. Using ADP, SSU's HR and Payroll departments have been able to optimize their resources in an effort to serve the needs of our faculty and staff.





Through ADP Self-Service, managers are able to access employee information as well as perform job actions such as hiring, promotions, transfers, and other changes to employee data.

  • Hiring Procedures for Manager Self-Service
    • Prior to hiring, the Employment Request and Request to Fill Critical Vacancy forms must be approved and submitted to Human Resources for posting all permanent positions.
    • Managers may only begin the hiring process through Manager Self-Service after receiving approval from the Office of Human Resources. Approval will be given once the following has been completed:

      • Submitted recruitment file to Human Resources (Applicant Screening and Interviewing Report Forms and Hire Acknowledgement Form)
      • Reference and background checks have been completed
      • Received notification from Human Resources that the candidate is clear and approved for hire.
    • When hiring a new employee, managers will need to enter the employee's SSN, full first and last name, start date and position number.  Position numbers can be obtained from the Budget Office.  Steps 1 - 5 and 8 within MSS are to be completed by the Manager.  Steps 6 and 7 will be completed by Human Resources.  Complete instructions regarding all work events are outlined in Chapter 6 of the Management Self -Service Guide.


ESS allows employees to enter or update addresses, phone numbers, dependent information, set up direct deposits, enter emergency contacts, change Federal tax withholding, view pay statements and access institution news regarding eTime approval deadlines and paydates.

BOSS (BENEFITS) allows employees to enter and update benefit specific data for elections, dependents, family status changes, etc.  All elections made during the annual Open Enrollment period are entered via the BOSS system