Testing Strategies

What Students Should Know About COMPASS

Preparing Successfully for the COMPASS Exam

The Testing Office has researched various online resources for test preparation for potential and current students. You will find that most of the sites below will provide a refresher and practice in English, reading and math (algebra). Please note that these sites are not maintained or developed by Savannah State University. These links are listed as a convenience to you, as you prepare for academic success.

We encourage you to get a quick review of the practice items prior to taking the actual tests needed. Practicing allows you to become more familiar with the types of questions asked and also the mode of questioning. When you know what to expect, you don’t get caught off guard when taking the “real thing.” Being successful on the actual COMPASS Test is highly encouraged since the results of this test will determine your acceptance into Savannah State University. Good Luck on your test! We hope to see you soon.

COMPASS Practice Resources

Writing Skills Prep for COMPASS

Reading Skills Prep for COMPASS

Algebra Skills Prep for COMPASS

Writing Skills Practice, A

Reading Skills Practice, A

Algebra Skills Practice, A

Writing Skills Practice, B

Reading Skills Practice, B

Algebra Skills Practice, B

Writing Skills Practice, C

Reading Skills Practice, C

Algebra Skills Practice, C

Writing Skills Practice, D

Reading Skills Practice, D

Algebra Skills Practice, D

Writing Skills Practice, E

Reading Skills Practice, E

Algebra Skills Practice, E

Writing Skills Practice, F

Reading Skills Practice, F

Algebra Skills Practice, F

Writing Skills Practice, G

Reading Skills Practice, G

Algebra Skills Practice, G

Writing Skills Practice, H

Reading Skills Practice, H

Algebra Skills Practice, H

Writing Skills Practice, I

Reading Skills Practice, I

Algebra Skills Practice, I

Writing Skills Practice, J

Reading Skills Practice, J

Algebra Skills Practice, J

Writing Skills Practice, K

Reading Skills Practice, K

Algebra Skills Practice, K

OTHER Practice Resources
The resources listed below may be used to prepare for other specific exams offered and as needed for college entry, college credit and other assessment. These tests are not applicable to all students or potential students.

CLEP Practice

MFT Biology

Chemistry Placement

ACT Practice

SAT Practice

Practice for All Tests, A

MFT Biology Practice, A

Chemistry Practice, A

ACT Practice, A

SAT Practice, A

Practice for All Tests, B

MFT Biology Practice, B

Chemistry Practice, B

ACT Practice, B

SAT Practice, B

Assessment Study Guides



Basic Math Review, A

Algebra Review, A

Basic Math Review, B

Algebra Review, B

Basic Math Review, C


Basic Math Review, D


Basic Math Review, E (Use Practice Test Only)

Grammar Review, A


Grammar Review, B


Grammar Review, C

Pre-Algebra Review, A

Grammar Review, D

Pre-Algebra Review, B

Grammar Review, E