Student Government Association

My fellow Tigers, 

 Since 1890, Savannah State University has been an institution where anything could be possible. Attending an HBCU gives you an experience like none other, and I am elated that you decided to choose Savannah State. Being the first public HBCU in the State of Georgia is something we should be proud of, as it embodies our importance as an institution. I encourage you to take pride in this University by engaging in activities, networking with classmates, contributing to and absorbing the true Tiger family spirit, while developing into the best individual you can be. The Student Government Association is committed to serving the student body this year with better communication, transparency, and advocacy for all students. We want to ensure a strong relationship between faculty, students, and the administration. Your voice matters. I encourage you to attend student body forums, senate meetings, and campus safety walks so that you are always informed of new information.

Reach out to any member of SGA if you have questions and concerns, as it is our first priority to help when in need. I look forward to meeting the Class of 2025 and reconnecting with returning students to continue our paths to graduation. 

In Tiger Spirit,

Dhruvi Shah
2021-2022 Student Government Association President 

Anastasia Stephens, SGA Vice President

Christian Hill, Mister SSU

Ottoria Foremen, Miss SSU