WHCJ History

WHCJ was established in 1975 as a non-commercial, educational public radio facility under the auspices of Savannah State College. The station began broadcasting with a power level of 10 watts. This low wattage restricted the signal reception to campus and those in close proximity. Subsequently, the power was increased to 1600 watts and then in 1992 to its present power level of 6000 watts. The station has an approximate broadcast radius of 50 miles.

WHCJ's music programming consists of Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Reggae, Latin, African, Indian, Neo Soul and positive music from the Hip Hop culture. The station's primary mission is to educate its listening audience through selective programming. Another fundamental purpose of the station is to promote and enhance the image of Savannah State University. Additionally, WHCJ supports the mission of Savannah State University. The mission states that the university will "foster engaged learning and personal growth in a student-centered environment that celebrates the African American legacy while nurturing a diverse student body.