Auxiliary Services FAQs

What is Auxiliary Services?

Auxiliary Services (also sometimes called Auxiliary Enterprises) is a university department providing non-academic services to students. Some of the services managed by our Auxiliary Services department at SSU include dining, vending, bookstore, mail services, document center, events managementparking and transportation and the ID Card Office. Most of these services are required by the State of Georgia to be self-funded, so they are not supported by tax dollars.

What items are available for purchase in the bookstore?

You can save money by renting your books or using the "best price guarantee" at the SSU Bookstore! (Ask for details!) The Bookstore also has a selection of downloadable books! In addition to textbooks and school supplies, you can find a variety of SSU logo clothing, as well as convenience and specialty items, electronics, and greeting cards. (Please note that there are special rules regarding returns on electronics equipment - check with the bookstore before purchasing.)

How can I send a package to a residential student?

All residential students are charged a nominal amount for a Mail Center mail box on campus. Do not send cash through the mail. When a package is received, students will be sent an e-mail to let them know a package has arrived. Please address letters and packages in this way:


via United States Postal Services (USPS) or United Parcel Services (UPS)


Student's name ( Please use their full legal name as there is a possibility that someone else has the same or a similar name)

Box number (not room number) 

Savannah State University c/o Savannah State University Mail Center

3219 College Street 

Savannah, GA 31404


Never send cash through the mail.


Can SSU receive mail or packages for commuter students?

Unfortunately, SSU Mail Services is not able to receive packages or mail for commuter students. If you move out of the residence halls, please be sure to notify everyone of your change to an off-campus address. Please make your change of address at the SSU Mail Center and NOT with the US Postal Service.

Where can cars be parked during the academic year?

Between 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, on class days, resident students may only park in a residence hall parking lots; commuter students may only park in lots which are so designated. There is no student parking on the Alexis Circle during restricted hours (7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.). All reserved spaces are reserved 24/7. Do not park in a space marked "reserved" either on the asphalt or by signage at ANY point in time.

Violators will be ticked, towed and/or booted. You will not be able to 'see someone' about it, but you will be able to file an appeal online.

 Apply for a parking decal/permit online 

Further details are available on page 8. Permits must be purchased and properly affixed by the first Friday after classes begin.

Where can students SSU ID Cards be used on campus?

The SSU ID Card has the following purposes:


Why are residential students required to have a meal plan?

In order to assure that SSU can attract a business partner to provide the best quality dining services at a reasonable cost, it is important that all students are on a meal plan. In addition, our policy to require freshman students to be on the full meal plan is a way to alleviate any worry that parents may have about their student not being able to eat three healthy meals a day. Please see page 4 for a complete description of available plans and costs. In addition, not all students are able to cook. Receiving meals through dining services will decrease the risk of house fires on campus.

How do the resident meal plans work?

A meal plan week begins on Monday morning and ends on Sunday evening. There are 3 meal plan periods each day (2 on Sunday), for a total of 20 meals a week. A 20-meal plan allows one swipe for each of the 20 meal periods. Any meal plan of lesser value will cover a number of any of those 20 meals. A swiped card with an error code of "exceeded meal plan" means you have gone over the number of meals on your plan and will be required to pay cash for your meals. Your SSU ID card is required in order to use your meal plan.


How does meal equivalency work?

Commuter plans and resident plans may be used at the Student Union Food Court and Tiger Express Diner on a meal equivalency basis. One swipe is worth a certain value (see page 5). Any amount over that value must be paid for with cash, credit, dining dollars, or SSU Flex Funds (see page 6 for more information about Flex Funds). There are meals at every venue that can be purchased for one swipe only (combo meals).

Who do I call for assistance from Auxiliary Services?

Contact information 

For questions, please contact the Auxiliary Services Office at 912-358-3109.