eCORE General FAQs

Where do I find more info on eCore? What courses are offered via eCore?

Please review the eCore administrative website:

How do I get help with my eCore course?

eCore Help-line
Phone: 678-839-5300

Technical Issues not related to Login
Contact the USG D2L Help Center 24 hours a day/7 days a week
Toll Free: 1-855-772-0423

I've registered for an eCore class. When can I login? Is there anything I should be doing ahead of time to prepare for the class? How do I login? OR I did not receive my eCore username and password.

Here is what you will receive when you are in the eCORE course.

Welcome to eCore!
You have registered for an eCore course through Savannah State University.
Please read this email carefully for important information on accessing and being successful in this course.
Classes begins on: month day & yea r

Where do I access my course?
Your eCore course will be administered through GoView, and is accessible at

What is my username?
You will log in to GoView using your campus email prefix followed by an underscore (_) then an assigned acronym for your campus:

Email Address GoView Username


What is my password?

Your Banner Password/PIN at the time that you registered for your eCore course. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it from the GoView log-in screen.

When will I be able to access my course?
You will gain access to your course(s) on the first day of class.

What should I do to prepare for my course?
1. You NOW have access to the eCore Connection, a tutorial course inside GoView. Get in and see what it's all about!
2. Review the textbook requirements for your course at If a textbook is required for your course, you should order it as soon as possible.
3. Log-in and review your courses on the first day of class. You will have participation assignments in each course which must be completed the first week of class.

That's it for now! Again, welcome to eCore!

678-839-5300 |

The eCore Help Line live support is available Mon - Fri, 8A - 5P Eastern Time.

How do I purchase eCore textbooks?

We highly recommend that students purchase their eCore textbooks and course materials BEFORE the FIRST DAY of classes.

You can find the required textbooks and course material information for each of the eCore courses here:

Please be aware that your course materials are set forth by eCore and not by the instructor, so this information will allow you to have your materials available BEFORE the FIRST DAY of classes.

You will always be able to order your eCore textbooks from the SSU Direct Bookstore:

You can also use the textbook information to find the materials from another bookseller.

The eCore textbooks may not be available at the on-campus SSU Bookstore. However, if you are receiving financial aid, you can check with theSSU Bookstore about ordering the textbooks and materials.

The Savannah State University Bookstore doesn't carry eCore textbooks. eCore textbooks are available at the eCore Online Bookstore, MSB Direct ( The eCore Online Bookstore accepts all major credit cards, debit cards and prepaid credit cards for your convenience.


What are the upcoming deadlines - registration, the date classes begin, the date classes end, and the deadline to withdraw? How and when do I register for an eCore class?

Here are the Registration instructions for SSU students wanting to register for an eCore class:

For registration, you will want to follow the SSU registration dates on our calendar:

You can review the eCore Calendar here:

Please be aware that eCore Start/End dates, Drop/Add dates, and Withdrawal Midpoint date will be slightly different from the SSU Academic calendar.

How do I drop or withdraw from an eCore course?

Students can drop a course within the Drop window. If a student is wanting to leave a course after the last Drop day, this would become a withdrawal. We always encourage students to work with their eCore advisor and find resources to assist them to remain in the class. If you are having difficulty in your eCore class, please contact your eCore Advisor. We do understand that sometimes a student may need to withdraw from a course for a personal issue. The eCore course withdrawal policy and instructions can be found here: http://academic-affairs/-affairs/academic-info.shtml

Can I receive Financial Aid to cover the cost of eCore classes? Can I use HOPE or Zell to cover the cost of eCore classes?

For students receiving financial aid, whether Grants or Scholarships, the eCore courses are typically covered as stated by the financial aid package. For students participating in the HOPE or Zell scholarship program, the eCore courses are typically covered as stated by the financial aid package.

Please follow up with SSU Financial Aid for more information: SSU Financial Aid

You may also call SSU Financial Aid at 912-358-4162.

I am considering taking an eCore class. What are they like? Is eCore easier?

We have compiled some information about the eCore program for future or prospective SSU students:

Please feel free to contact us at the eCore Help Line for more information:

Phone: 678-839-5300
The eCore Help Line live support is available Mon - Fri, 8A - 5P Eastern Time.

How much does an eCore class cost?

Tuition for eCore classes is $159 per credit hour. This tuition rate is the same for either Georgia resident or non-resident students. Additional expenses include textbooks, course materials, and test proctoring charges. Also, students will pay a mandatory campus fee as well as a technology fee if required by the affiliate institution.

I need to schedule an eCore proctored exam. How do I do this?

You can find comprehensive instructions here:

What if I want to teach an eCore class?

If you are already teaching at a USG institution, you can apply to teach eCore courses by completing this online form. You will also need to review the eCore Memorandum of Understanding.