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Chemistry & Forensic Science


The chemistry program offers instruction and hands-on training in chemical sciences. Students develop analytics skills, work on state-of-art equipment and assist engaged, actively-researching professors. Graduates work as soil and plant scientists, chemical engineers, lab technicians and more. The chemistry program is certified by the American Chemical Society (ACS).

Chemistry program

Forensic science

Forensic science program offers a bachelor of science in forensic science with a concentration in chemistry or iology. This is a four-year, interdisciplinary degree program that is designed to produce trained graduates prepared for positions in toxicology, law enforcement, criminal justice, forensic science laboratories, graduate-level research and related fields.

Forensic science program


Faculty are highly-qualified individuals in their scientific disciplines. Many are well-supported by external funding agencies to conduct their research projects. They also regularly publish research papers with students in peer-reviewed journals and frequently present at national conferences.