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This Project is Funded by Title III 


The millennial learner is stimulated through visual, immersive, and tangible experiences that involve advanced technology such as Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D printing with the integration of high-resolution imagery. The students of the 1st century have grown up with a computer, cell, and tablet at arm's length and are drawn towards visual and hands-on learning experiences. Thus, one of the best ways to encourage and maintain students' interest in STEM is through visual learning while maintaining the benefits of tactile and kinesthetic learning experiences. 



  1. The establishment of a STEM Imaging Exploration Center. This center will provide Visual, Immersive and Tangible Applications in Learning (VITAL) for STEM disciplines such as biology, chemistry and forensic science. 

  2. STEM Community Engagement: Establish Serving, Educating and Engaging the Community (SEE) program to provide informative community workshops led by STEM students and faculty. 

  3. Faculty Development: Prepare our STEM faculty for teaching and learning using VITAL technology and strategies.