VITAL Facility/Equipment Usage and Acknowledgment Policy


The STEM Imaging Exploration Center is currently able to provide equipment/ facility usage and services to SSU researchers because of generous funding provided by Title III to VITAL program.

In order for us to keep providing these services, the facility needs to effectively demonstrate our contributions to user research and coursework. In order to do this, we appreciate the commitment of Facility users to conscientiously and accurately acknowledge the VITAL facility and equipment use in all relevant publications. 

An example of a citation:  

“This publication/ work was made possible in part by the Title III funded VITAL program at Savannah State University (SSU). The author(s) wish to acknowledge the VITAL facility’s STEM Imaging Exploration Center at SSU.”  


Please note that VITAL program has specific objectives, targeted courses and planned events that are program’s priority before extending the use of the VR center to additional courses/events. So, if your course/ activity is not part of VITAL program, please reach out to VITAL activity director for the approval to use the facility/equipment.  

If you plan on using images/ data taken during your visit to the virtual reality facility in any format, before doing so, please check with the facility and secure permission from VITAL activity director. We will further advise you on the proper acknowledgment of the facility.


Please note that the VITAL Team may use images/ data from your facility visits/ events/ experiments for our program reports/ marketing/ grant proposals/and reviews. If you do not want any images/data to be used for these purposes by VITAL program, please notify the team in advances and in writing. 

If you cite or display any Content, or reference our organization, in any format, written or otherwise, including print or web publications, presentations, websites, other online applications such as blogs, or other works, you must follow these Citation Guidelines.

If you are using the data from STEM Imaging Exploration Center, our VITAL program and its team will not be responsible for any change/edits in the images/ data done by the users. It is solely user’s responsibility to retain and save unprocessed data and image files. 

Note: Before using the VITAL Facility/Equipment all user MUST sign the Facility/Equipment Usage and Acknowledgment Policy form. This form is available in facility.